CRH Anesthesia is focused on building and managing the best anesthesia teams possible in the GI community. We look to recruit a dedicated permanent team for your facility and have that team focus 100% on your site. We also welcome the opportunity to bring any preferred anesthesia provider you may know under the “CRH umbrella” to serve your facility.

For the same reasons that you built your surgical center, CRH has designed an efficient, cohesive, process to put your patients first which we term our “one team” approach. We ensure our end goals are aligned from the start and focus on maximizing both patient safety and overall quality of care, while monitoring the efficiency of anesthesia services that are designed to maximize patient satisfaction and your operational flow. This approach is at the foundation of our GI ambulatory anesthesia service, encompassing our payor contracting capabilities, our billing processes, our recruitment philosophies and daily operations.

We have our own recruitment specialists to locate providers who uphold the quality standards and credentials required by your facility. They may be local, and you may already know them. As part of our “one team” approach, we recruit a team that not only support your physicians clinically, but also look to recruit individuals who can become part of your center’s family.
Once we find the right candidate, our credentialing process includes the verification of:

  • Board Certification
  • Education
  • State license(s)
  • Work history
  • DEA/CDS/CSR registration
  • Malpractice claims history
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Primary Source Verification
  • Facility privileges
  • Professional references
  • Sanctions
  • Query The Federation of State Medical Boards
  • Query The Healthcare Integrity & Protection Databank
  • Query The National Practitioner Databank
  • Query The American Medical Association


Please note that if your facility currently has a relationship with anesthesiologists or CRNAs who demonstrate the leadership qualities required, we would like to include them in our recruitment process.

We will work closely with your center to implement dedicated quality management and improvement programs to ensure excellence in anesthesia care.
We will work to improve patient outcomes and anesthesia care efficiency by:

  • Providing assistance with the development of peer review strategies, including immediate
    telephone consultations for challenging cases.
  • Maintaining practice profile information useful in further developing quality assurance
    measurement priorities and programs.
  • Conducting satisfaction surveys with patients.
  • Meeting the data collection requirements of accrediting bodies, regulatory agencies, and
    payors and regularly reviewing that data.
  • Tracking anesthesia quality performance indicators.
  • Benchmarking performance data for comparison purposes.

Our philosophy is to recruit a qualified permanent team; however, when temporary help is needed, those providers are vetted in the same way that permanent staff would be.

The target of effective staffing and recruitment is a long term relationship. We strive to place providers in situations that will benefit both the providers and our associates. Stability is critical to the long term success of the program.

Though we typically prefer 60 to 90 days lead time to allow for recruitment of the best possible anesthesia professionals for your situation and to assure availability of them on the first day of procedures, we do have the resources and expertise available to implement an anesthesia care team in a very short period of time for those emergent situations.

With a CRH management team, your center will benefit from the many years of experience we collectively provide. Our clinical and non-clinical staff have substantial experience in healthcare and healthcare administration.