Top Ten Reasons to Evaluate our Approach to Anesthesia

  1. Propofol anesthesia is administered by accomplished professionals.
  2. We can provide dedicated anesthesiologist oversight of CRNAs (site and volume dependent).
  3. We’re specialized. We focus on providing anesthesia services solely to GI centers.
  4. The anesthesia team will carry malpractice limits identical to your center’s physicians (dependent upon state limits).
  5. We provide an established and streamlined “patient friendly” billing process without impacting your center’s staff.
  6. We will recruit your center’s anesthesia team from the local community, if possible.
  7. We provide non-clinical management expertise to minimize the headaches of daily operations.
  8. We can provide policy and procedure manual updates, along with quality programs for anesthesia services.
  9. We supply you with all of the pertinent record keeping forms.
  10. We provide open access to CRH staff and managers to assist with daily operations, to answer questions, and to resolve issues before they become problems.