Partnership Structures

We recognize that every practice is unique and that’s why we don’t have a “one size fits all” approach.

Whether you are exploring what value anesthesia can bring to your practice for the first time or seeking a partnership to bring stability and strengthen your current operations, our strategic partnerships are tailored to the needs of each physician group. Learn more about our partnership structures.

Our flexible partnership models allow us to work with..

Practices that own their anesthesia

  • Several partnership models to choose from (from acquisition to joint venture)
  • Monetize some of the equity you have built up
  • Mitigate regulatory and reimbursement risks

Practices interested in bringing anesthesia in-house

  • Benefit from an ongoing revenue stream
  • Maximize reimbursements by taking advantage of our extensive billing and collections experience

practices looking to transition to deep sedation

  • Improve your patient’s satisfaction and comfort
  • Benefit from an ongoing revenue stream and increase patient throughput
  • Feature monetization of the equity created through newly created venture
Trusted Experts in GI Anesthesia

Explore the benefits a partnership with CRH Anesthesia can bring to your practice.

CRH Medical has developed relationships with over 2,700 GIs since it was founded in 2000. CRH Anesthesia is dedicated to providing the best quality of patient care and now serves 46 ASCs in 10 states servicing 305,000 procedures annually.